A POWERFUL Fenugreek SPRITZ for HAIR GROWTH | Natural Hair

February 11, 2021

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Hey you’ll, I’m going to make a new version of my Fenugreek Spritz. I usually add water but this time I’m going to add some fresh aloe gel juice. (It’s ok to use aloe powder if you are going to use this in a day or two but the aloe powder degrades the mix very quickly). After adding the juice and fenugreek, I’m going to let it rest for about a day in the fridge because I want the methi and aloe to work together to boost the spritz. Now I’m going to take it out of the fridge, strain it and transfer it into my spritz bottle.

Don’t throw the seeds away. They can be used to grow fenugreek sprouts. I use sprouts in my salads or in smoothies. You can eat the plain because they have excellent nutrients. But read up on them first and ask your doctor if it’s ok for you to eat fenugreek sprouts. I am not a doctor.

When pouring the liquid into the spritz bottle you will notice it smells like maple syrup. Hopefully, you like that smell. To make this a spritz on steroids I am going to add some MSM. If your hair drys out easily, I suggest you add only a little of the MSM. Maybe add no more than a quarter teaspoon. Cover with the cap and shake it thoroughly until the MSM is dissolved. I decided to add MSM because it increases the length of time your hair is in the growth phase.

This will last about a week stored in the fridge. I would take it out an hour or two early before using it so to let it reach room temperature. I would use it every day or every other day as my hair needs it.


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